Brazil is a country with enormous tourism potential due to the cultural diversity and, above all, the natural beauty of the immense territory.

With about 8.5 million km2 and approximately 200 million inhabitants, Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and the fifth largest in the world.

Owner of a rich natural, historical and cultural heritage, the country is still one of the most important economies of the planet.

Recognized worldwide as a tropical country of a happy and welcoming people, Brazil attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world and at all times of the year.

Its culture, as rich and diverse as geography itself, is in itself a great attraction. Every day, people from various corners of the planet contemplate places like the Pelourinho in Salvador, (Christ the Redeemer)Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, the Historical Center of Minas Gerais, the modern and historical streets of São Paulo, the ecological spaces of Curitiba, So many other places scattered throughout the Brazilian territory.

Do you want to get rid of the monotony of everyday life? Traveling is a great option. Regardless of the type of trip, whether national or international, meeting new people, places and cultures causes us to leave the comfort zone.

We of the Travel Guide would like to show through our articles, Useful guides for the curious ones to know a little more about this so distinguished Country in each region.

“A man must travel on his own, not through stories, images, books or TV. You need to travel by yourself, with your eyes and feet, to understand what is yours. To one day plant your own trees and give them value. Knowing the cold to enjoy the heat. And the opposite. Feel the distance and the shelter to be right under one’s roof … “Amyr Klink.

Traveling allows you to expand your knowledge and change your way of seeing the world by experiencing other cultures closely.


The unusual makes you feel that you are sinking into a well of superior knowledge about yourself. An unknown but real and true well. Though uncertain, deep down in the background you have the distinct impression of being an already known but forgotten knowledge.

We from the Travel Guide (Researchers) would like to show through our articles, Useful guides for those curious to know a little more about this country so distinguished in each region.

Regions of Brazil


Get to know the itineraries of tourism in Brazil, cultural tourism, rural, sun and beach in the Southeast ..


The South Region has a variety of beautiful natural landscapes, in addition, its architectural composition, inherited from the immigrants there


Points of interest in the Northern Region of Brazil, tourism in the North, North region, main attractions and places of interest…



Central region of the country, the Midwest has several cities with tourist attractions.


The immense coastline of the Northeast region of Brazil is the main factor that contributes to local tourism. With beautiful beaches